Cross #11.11735

Burlington, IA

I received my cross after purchasing three crosses for other people that helped me to go to NCYC.  I see this as an opportunity to share Christ with others and the world by passing on simple gestures and/or acts.  I used to work in Chicago and had to commute from the suburbs so I traveled the expressway alot.  I used to see alot of road rage and disgruntled people. It was amazing to me to see people light up when I would make a simple gesture by paying the toll for the person behind me. Sometimes it’s the simple things that we do for others that can make their day because we just don’t know what experiences they’re having and what crosses they’re having to bear.  It was so wonderful to meet the wonderful women who were at NCYC for the Answered Prayers Crosses and thank you for my cross.  May God continue to work through each one of us to spread His Good News to all