Cross # 11.11750

Oklahoma, OK

I had bought several crosses from Elizabeth for women at our convention. Elizabeth gave her testimony while women stood admiring the multitude of crosses all over her table. She said that the crosses speak to you and you know when there is one that is meant for a person you know. And she is exactly right!  I selected three crosses for the women at the convention – one an incoming local officer, one an outgoing national officer, and one an incoming national officer – and each one I told a story to as I “presented” them their cross at our banquet. They all cried and so did many people in the room that night! In fact I got to the banquet and looked at my table and realized I had forgot to get one for one of the ladies – just slipped my mind that she would be there with us that night – so I left the dinner to go get a cross from Elizabeth. She was gone – but her crosses were all on the table – uncovered – and I just picked one out and would go pay for it the next day. I to
ld Elizabeth what I did, paid for the cross (and also bought a t-shirt), and she was so loving and understanding. My friend was with me and I saw a cross that said, “Just let go”, and I said to my friend, “That’s the one I need – you are always telling me that.”  I went to pack my bags the next night to come home, and I decided to carry the crosses with me rather than pack them.  I was putting them in my carry-on and realized that there was one more than I should have had.  I thought my friend had bought one and I had it, but she said no, so I started opening them up to see what I had bought.  Lo and behold, the cross that said “JUST LET GO” I mentioned above, was right there on top.  Elizabeth had snuck it into my sack when I made my purchase!  I just smiled and had a warm fuzzy feeling all over – and that is the kind of Christian woman she is – I bet she gives away more crosses than she sells!  But I know that God will bless this ministry ten-fold, and I plan to tell every
one about my crosses and the stories behind those I bought for those three ladies, and my two daughters!  GOD BLESS YOU ELIZABETH – and all those who become involved in sharing their stories to inspire others. You see, the reason I needed that cross was that I had some issues with co-workers and family that were really, really bad, and I was so stressed, confused, and hurt over these things, and right now I have that cross hanging in my office in full view – and I look at it every time I look up from my computer.  THANK YOU ELIZABETH – AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU MOST ABUNDANDTLY!  I hope to get you to Oklahoma at our women’s conferences!