Cross #11.11854


Martinsville, IN

I received this cross from a co-worker when my father passed a few years ago. I did not take the time then to register but held it near and dear to my heart! My dad passed just a few short weeks after his diagnosis with cancer. While we are very thankful that he did not suffer long, we struggle with the fact that he was taken advantage of in the last days of his life by his wife of only 5 days! Only the lord knows what truly happened but in my heart of hearts, have to believe that she will get what is owed. She is now on to look for husband #9 as our family tries to pull together the pieces and move forward. May the lord give us strength to move forward. I have had several changes to pass this cross on but just didn’t feel it in my heart! Today, I will pass it forward to a young family, from our small town Christian church who has had to say goodbye to their 18 year old daughter. She was taken from this world far too early to do gods work.