Cross #11.11936

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I received my cross from my nephew when he made his confirmation; I am his Godmother.  Shortly before i received this cross my family experienced a horrific accident.  While celebrating my oldest child’s graduation from high school my husband and I decided to just take him ( one of five) to ski in Vail Colorado.  We are a family that has been skiing with our children for many many years.  We thought for each child we would provide this beautiful intimate trip with just his parents and experience the beautiful mountains in Colorado.  On the last day of our wonderful time together, our son hit a tree and died instantly on top of the mountain…( at Beaver Creek Resort on the slope Red Tail.  The memorial ribbon is still there on this tree).  The pain and loss and prayer and ” agony in the Garden” has been unbearable.  I spoke at my son’s funeral to over 3000 people; many young teenagers.  My words were prompted by the Holy Spirit to guide people to Walk Toward God.  I begged for them, in my pain to not waste another day and get consumed by society and all the ” noise” that it brings which prevents us from hearing God’s whisper.  I begged so many to be still so you can hear this whisper and allow it to guide you toward peace and love.  It will be three long years out this March14, 2014  and I am passing my cross along to a young lady that was a friend of my son’s.  She has demonstrated beyond measure that she HEARD EVERY WORD in my sadness and pain.  My prayer was heard from this young lady.  She ran right TOWARD GOD.  She is beautiful and kind and loving and the LIGHT OF CHRIST radiates from her soul.  She tells me I changed her life that day when I spoke ….. it was not I… It was the father and the son and our helper the HOLY SPIRIT that showed up that day.  I simply am still enough to hear HIS whisper.   A little whisper can change a soul forever.  Forever into ETERNITY….. and may my son’s soul, RICHARD BRIAN CULLINAN,JR  through the mercy of God rest in peace.  It is because of the cross, if we choose to embrace it, we are guaranteed to see this young man again.  Amen