Cross # 11.1208

Broken Arrow, OK

I received this cross from my co-Kindgergarten teacher. We have taught together for more than 10 years. She gave it to me on my last day of teaching this past May, because I was retiring.  I had a very difficult school year.  My daughter had a very serious and critical case of Crohn’s disease.  She was in and out of the hospital all year.  Finally in April, she was put in the hospital one last time.  The doctor would not release her until she had her colon removed.  But her health was so bad, they could not operate until May.  She was in the hospital 3 weeks before they were able to operate.
During that time I stayed at the hospital at night, left early in the morning, went to teach and returned in the evening to the hospital.  During that whole time.  My coworker and friend supported me,  helped my substitute and basically made my life bearable.  My daughter is doing much better now and slowly getting her health back.  Prayers do get answered.
Now, I am passing my cross onto my cousin Lorrie.  I just learned that her brother, which she depended on greatly, has died.  Both her parents are dead.  She raised to girls on her own since they were little.
Through the years she has had many trials and tribulations.  Hopefully this cross will help her get through the difficulty of losing her brother.