Cross #11.12719

Slidell, LA

I bought it at the New Orleans Hofinger Conferencen in 2012.  I was listening to Elizabeth’s story and about how the crosses began. I was admiring all of the crosses and like normal when you are shopping your looking for the one that looks pretty or special or that would go with your decor.  I wasn’t sure at the time if it was something I was just going to buy or if any of them would really connect with me, then all of a sudden, I see this cross and it heats me like a bolt of lightning.  It wasn’t the prettiest cross, if anything, I didn’t think it was pretty at all.  It hit me that there were markings on all four sides of the cross that looked like slashes and the color was off white but over the slashed parts the color was blue grey.  The cross reminded me of pain of someone trying to slash their wrists.  This cross hit me because last year my youngest daughter told my husband and I that she tried to kill herself.  We spent the good part of that year in and out of hospitals for her, seeing a therapist and Psychiatrist.  It was a very painful year for her and for us as parents.  It also put me into therapy.  I cried so much for my daughter because of her pain.  No loving parent wants to see their child in any kind of pain.  So I pray for young people, especially mine, who live in pain and think about suicide.  I plan on giving this cross to someone else who suffers in pain.  I am a Youth Minister and I love children and pray for them all the time.  Thank You Elizabeth for bringing this cross to me.  I also thought it was another nice sign that my daughter’s name is also Elizabeth.  Thank you for letting me share my story.  Today my daughter is doing wonderful.  She is a freshman in high school and is making many friends.  Though her sadness and depression has been under control, they contribute most of her promblems to hormones and thyroid disorder.  God Bless Our Children of the World.