Cross #11.12844

Candi Latino
Port Allen, LA

I purchased a few crosses from a new friend at the Hofinger Conference in Louisiana in 2012… I have been a bad girl and am holding onto these crosses for when I have a friend in desperate need, I go get a cross from my bag and pass it on… As I am preparing to go to a Court Hearing this morning, I pulled this Cross first, read the inscription and have NO DOUBT, this was meant for me to pass onto a BEAUTIFUL LOVING FAMILY that are fighting with rich people who have the politicians in their pocket, while my friends grieve as they watch this “good man” be defended for plowing their child down on the sidewalk in front of the KILLERS home, just next door… I am sorry to share in such a Loss and am PROUD of their perseverance to save other children due to their unfortunate neglectful accident… I PRAY they find Peace and LOVE in this beautiful Cross, and to top it off, as I glanced down, it’s his Daddy’s favorite color!!! I LOVE YALL AND KEEP YOU IN MY PRAYERS DAILY… It’s a purple cross with a ribbon on the top and a heart on the bottom and says “May you find comfort in your loving memories”…. How Appropriate!!! Thank you APC!!!!!