Cross #11.12904

Greenfield, IN

My friend, Pam Cole, sent this in the mail and my cross says “Rejoice”!!  The last 2 years have been full of repentance, brokenness, and sorrow for past sins.  Also, an awareness of the Holiness of the Lord and His Grace and Forgiveness.  He has removed family and friends and all I have had is Him and He has never left my side.  Thank God He never gives up on us and “we are the clay, He is the Potter, and we are the work of His Hands.”
Isaiah 64:8  When all your own sins and hell comes against you, God is our safe refuge and there is no condemnation for us in Christ Jesus.  I cannot be good enough or bad enough for Him.  He is become my salvation, my Rock, my High Tower, my vindicator, my Victor.  Praise His Holy Name.  Rejoice!