Cross #11.12935

Biloxi, MS

I bought my cross at confrence in New Orleans on Saturday Jan. 14, 2012. I chose this orange cross with believe engraved in it for 2 reasons. My first reason is my family, because I firmly believe in family! My second reason is My CCD class! I asked my class to write down what they believe. So here is a list with there names and what that believe.
Jonathon N. I believe in God.
Joseph G. I believe in everyone and I believe in everyone in heaven.
Brodie P. I believe in God and miracles.
Madison O. I believe in God and that he will lift me up.
I believe in my family and angels and the people in heaven.
Bayleigh H. I believe in God.
Charlea S. I believe in God and my family.
Anna P. I believe (know) that my family loves me and in Santa Clause.
Ramsi D. I believe in God and that he has trust in me and(know) my family loves me.
Christina R. I believe in God, angels, and in everything that is good.
Madeline C. I believe (know) that God loves me.
Bayley A. I believe my dog Missy is looking down at me from heaven.
Paige B. I believe(know)God loves me and I am special. I believe in angels and in Jesus.
I hope you enjoy our wonderful cross as much as we have.