Cross #11.13004

Largo, FL

I received my cross from my sister, Stacey, a couple of years ago and thought I had registered it but apparently never did. I love it and have never passed it on. A dear friend was diagnosed with cancer and I thought I should definitely give it to her and planned to do so after my birthday weekend. A couple days later, my sister gave me another cross for my birthday! So I figured I would give that one to her.  Sadly we found out that night that a mutual friend was diagnosed with cancer that same day. I decided to pass the new cross on to him and still give my “old” cross to my other friend. The next day, we were sitting on the beach waiting for the sun set and a woman walked by wearing an Answered Prayers t-shirt. It was Elizabeth! I truly felt like she was a message from God for my friends. After some hugs and tears, she left us with a new cross and also some lovely cross necklaces as well. God is amazing!