Cross #11.13106

Tiger, Ga

I was taking my friend Elizabeth to a doctor’s appointment. She has been very ill for 8 months and we are trying so hard to get her over the hill to lead a normal life. She has had stints, feeding tube, etc. put in and out. I prayed so hard before our appointment that God would use me however he needed me to help encourage Elizabeth. Well the doctor had some encouraging words but he was saying everything so fast. Anyway, I was trying to take notes, but all the sudden tears came streaming down my face because my nerves had been so crazy about all that Elizabeth is going through. It ended up that EV comforted me and became the strong one.  She shared this cross with me when we left. It really spoke to me because trust was on the cross and that is the hardest thing for me in my walk with Jesus. I felt like God spoke through EV in a mighty way when she shared this cross.