Cross # 11.326


Bridgeton, MO

I was at the Catholic Women Conference in St. Louis on March 5, 2011. There was a table set up with all these beautiful clay crosses.  I collect crosses, so I was immediately drawn to the table.  The lady behind the table explained how answered prayers crosses worked, so I carefully looked over all the crosses.  I couldn’t decide on a cross-they were all beautiful. I decided to wait and come back later.  When I came back, the crosses had changed because many had been purchased and new ones were placed on the table to replace them. I still couldn’t decide so I decided once again to wait. I checked back at the table several times during the day.  At the very end of the day as I was getting ready to leave the conference, I stopped one final time.  There it was! I knew it was just for me. It wasn’t the most colorful, it wasn’t the largest or the most decorative, but it was perfect for me with the letters J-O-Y carved in it. They were jumbled up and down (like a laugh) and it made

me feel joy. It had to come home with me-at least for a while.