Cross # 11.4364


 I met Elizabeth at a conference in New Orleans in April. She shared her story with me and I shared with her my recent work with children who have been abused and neglected. We connected immediately. After exchanging stories, thru tears I purchased a lovely cross. A month later, a small priority mail box arrived from Elizabeth and to my surprise it was filled with crosses to share with others! Did it ever arrive on a perfect day. I had found out that morning that one of my very special students had wanted to commit suicide and was admitted to the hospital. Immediately, I wrapped up one of the crosses for the sweet, caring mother of this child and one for the child as well.

One of the crosses in the box had arrived broken, to my dismay. At first, I thought Oh well, only one broken. As the day progressed and an ongoing personal situation worsened, I thought that broken cross is a symbol to me. Because of this ongoing situation, I’ve been broken and in need of repair. So I glued the cross together, registered it, and look at it as a reminder that though I may have those days that I feel broken, my heart, my spirit, and above all, my faith will never be broken. I am keeping the glued, broken cross for myself as a reminder that God will always put me back together so that I can move forward! He will need a lot of glue!

Two other crosses from the box have found special homes also! Answered Prayers Cross is an inspiring mission and only by the grace of God created by an inspiring woman.  Continue to pray it forward. God will only take you to what he is willing to see you through!