Cross #11.442

St. Louis MO

It’s been about 4 or 5 year ago that I attended a convention at Savvis Center, in St. Louis, related to Christ in our lives.  I happened to come across a booth that caught my eye – there were all different types of hand-made crosses, and the cost was only $5.00
each.  Immediately I looked through the table full of crosses and happened to find one which I purchased.  There was a booth which had a female singer with such a kind soul and a beautiful singing voice as well as a soothing speaking voice.  I felt a connection with her and decided to give her the cross I purchased.  She was just delighted, and gave me her heartfelf thanks.  I decided to go back to the booth-stand to buy another cross, but this time for myself.  The two ladies who sold the crosses were so kind– they told me so graciously that I could pick any of the crosses on display!

I still have this cross hanging on my
wall in my room, with the Holy Spirit above it.  There’s also a painted picture of a European peasant family with the father and son standing at the table, the grandmother, mother and daughter sitting at the table, and their pet sitting patiently on the floor; there is one special place-setting for Jesus at the table, and he is painted in His splendor.

I think of these ladies every time I see the cross they gave me, and am ever so grateful to them and to
Answered Prayers Cross!