Cross #11.67

LaGrange, GA

A friend gave me this cross as an encouragement to keep my faith in the One that is the Great Comforter.  I have traveled down a long road of physical and emotional trials over the past 3 and a half years.  As a senior in college this year, my college years have been drastically different than I imagined or planned for myself.  Going from a college soccer and softball player, to being in a wheelchair all the time after several misdiagnoses, I have been challenged on all levels- spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  Through all of the trials, I have seen God’s grace and faithfulness though.  This cross came to me in a pit of darkness, but the meaning of the cross and the mustard seed gave me a glimpse into the greatness of my God and His perfect timing.  I’m leaning on Him and His perfect plan for my life as I learn that the Lord’s plan for my life is so much greater than I could ever imagine.