Cross # 11.736

St. Louis, MO

I received my cross from my best friend, Elena. My mom and dad were in a car accident in May of 2010. Both of my parents survived, but my mom’s seatbelt unknowingly punctured her aortic value. In November of 2010, my mom collapsed and was hospitalized and went into surgery to repair her value with a graft. Two weeks later, my mom was released to return home. The first day my mom returned home, my Grandmother went to visit her. When my Grandmother left her house, a man T-boned her car and killed her instantly on November 23, 2010. My mom was readmitted into the hospital because a spike in blood pressure would cause her new graft to fail. A few weeks later, my house was burglarized by a former student (I am a teacher in the city of St. Louis). On March 18, 2011, my mom was lifted to heaven when she suffered an aortic dissection. My parents were married for over 37 years. Please pray for my father, Keith. He has lost his mother, wife and best friend. Lord hea r this prayer.