Cross # 11.8018

Sharpsburg, GA

I bought this cross @ the Eucharistic Congress in Atlanta, GA, on June 25, 2011. I was so touched by all the crosses on the table and to hear about the journey of faith that each cross could take and the stories that might be told along the way.

I didn’t pick my cross at first. There were so many! I actually walked away from the table because I wanted the cross to “speak to me” in some way — for me to know, without a doubt, this was the cross that was to begin its journey with me.

I returned to the table a couple of hours later and immediately found my cross. It’s rust-colored, with a clay heart tied to the center with a leather cord. It reminds me that a life of faith requires that my heart be visible to others; that I be open and humble; that I be vulnerable and take risks with my heart in the hopes that I touch others for Christ.

What a beautiful ministry! I cannot wait to see where my cross travels in is journey!

God’s peace,