Cross # 11.8054

Alpharetta, GA

Our family purchased this cross for the best neighbors in the whole wide world.  They are always there for us and always loaning us anything we need and helping watch our house, our dog or doing anything we ask.  They are the sweetest folks you’d ever want to meet, much less live next door to.  Michelle has had many struggles this year – too many to mention – when I saw this cross, it spoke to me and reminded me of her and I especially liked that it has a beautiful heart in the middle of the cross right where our Lord would’ve hung.  Let us not forget his deep love for us throughout Christmas and the year, even when things are tough.  Michelle and Chris have certainly shown us the love of Christ by their many good deeds towards our family.  May they be blessed this Christmas beyond their imagination….
With much love and appreciation,
The Welch Family