Cross # 11.8353


I met a wonderful woman who gave me the cross after an amazing lunch. 
My wife and I separated 8 months ago after 18 years of marriage and many years of unhappiness.  I finally had the courage to stand up for myself and point my life in the right direction. 
Now for the “cross”.
I didn’t expect to meet someone so kind, but there she was, drinking a  liter beer at Oktoberfest in Stuttgart.  For the first time in 18 years a (different) beautiful woman caught my eye.   She was staying with a co-worker and I knew where she lived.  I waited two days and went to her place to take her to lunch.  She wasn’t there, so I left a note with my number.  It felt amazing when she called.  It has been so long since I have felt that warmth that you get when someone shows interest in you.  I felt like I was on cloud nine.  I asked her to lunch the following day, and she accepted.  She was brave enough to let me order but I don’t think that will happen again.  My German is horrible and I ended up ordering liver or kidney, I couldn’t tell!!!  The lunch wasn’t about the food for me though, it was about connecting with someone like I haven’t in years.  It was great.  There were times when I just stared in her eye
s and didn’t hear a word she was saying, I was lost.  When you see her, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  The color is mesmerizing.  On the way back from lunch she pulled out this amazing cross and told me the history behind them, so here I am, writing.
Later that evening, after some crazy phone tag, we spoke for two hours.  I felt like a teenager again.  We talked about life, love, faith, kids… you name it, we talked about it.  Due to the circumstances, we couldn’t be in the same location (kids).  But it felt like she was right next to me sharing a glass of wine. 
I surprised her the following morning with a cappuccino and a phillips screwdriver (she had a small project to complete).  I set them at her door, rang the bell, and left.  She graciously thanked me later, it was great to hear her voice.  She left for the weekend and then leaves to Florida on Monday.  We have been playing phone tag for 2 days.  I would rather play “real” tag with her! 
I know our paths may never “cross” again, but she gave me the wonderful gift of her time.  She came into my life and gave me confidence, companionship, friendship, and a cross.  Everything I need right now.
Thank you “E” for being who you are,