Cross # 11.85550

Powder Springs, GA

I received this cross as a late Confirmation present from my aunt. We were at the Eucharistic Congress and she saw the table with all the crosses and the woman there told her the story of what the crosses are for. I wasn’t with her initially, so my aunt ran to get me and she told me to listen to the story about the crosses and then to pick one out myself. I didn’t really have to decide which one to pick because as soon as she brought me to the table one of the crosses just caught my eye. It was a long, slender-looking cross that was sky blue and had a kind of floral pattern to one of the sides and on the other side it had the word ‘hope’ inscribed in it. When the woman told me about the story of the crosses and how you pass them on I immediately knew who I would pass it on to and that person is my older cousin Parris. He has kinda been steering away from the right path but is now trying to get back on it. I just know somehow that he will get back on the right path and
I hope the give him this present soon. So thank you Aunty Lauren!