Cross #11.85629

Noblesville, IN

I have had a lot of stress in my life lately, with hospitalizations and trying to regroup things at home. We have a greatgrandson we are raising that is a very rewarding , it can also be stressful with trying to do all the right things for him. He has a wonderful teacher that has become our friend as well. I talk with her about some of the problems we face, and she understands.  One evening I was very stressed and sent her an e-mail to vent to
her knowing she would be there for me if she could. And of course she was there for me. A few days later she came to visit with our grandson , my husband and myself . Such a wonderful and blessed afternoon we spent with her. She brought me a gift, it was a cross. She will never know what that has meant to me. She is
such a blessing in my life. I pray everyone has such an angel in their lives. I am truely Blessed.