Cross #11.8654

Noblesville, IN

I received this cross in mid-October from my sister.  I had spiraled down into a deep well of depression and anxiety.  My siblings and I got together for dinner, but it was really an “intervention” time.  I was so depressed that I had started cutting on myself as a way to “relieve” some of the mental pain.  At the dinner table I shared with my sisters that I didn’t want to live anymore and told them that it wasn’t anyone’s fault but my own if I indeed killed myself. My sisters hugged me and told me they loved me and that they would do anything to help me.  My sister Kelli gave me a small, pocket-sized cross with the words “I love you” on it. That night was the beginning of my climb out of the well.  I can safely say that as of today, I’m out.  A huge part of that success was knowing that I’m loved by more people than I think and that my siblings will always come through for me.