Cross #11.8866

Speedway, IN
I was in church one day and someone walked up to me and said, “I think you need this more than I do right now.” She briefly explained that it was a traveling cross and to pass it along when I was ready. I don’t remember exactly how long I’ve had it, I only remember that I was struggling that particular mass. Whether it was grieving the death of a loved one or something else, this woman saw the depth of my pain and gave me this beautiful cross. As I was leaving for work today, I glanced up to where I keep the cross and I felt the Holy Spirit move through me. I received the message to pass it along to a friend of mine who is going through a tough time right now. I’m giving the cross to her this afternoon. It’s served me well and now I pray that it will serve her well too.

Thank you so much for this gift. I look forward to reading more stories about “my” cross.