Cross # 11.8899

Alpharetta, GA

I purchased this cross for my mother in law.  The boys helped me select the perfect one for their gram.  It is simple, yet beautiful.  She is having a struggle right now with her husband being in the hospital right at Christmas and not knowing if his toe, foot or leg will need amputating.  She does a wonderful job of taking such good care of him, but I’m sure that she is weary right now.  We are praying for them both that our Lord will give them the graces and strength that they need to get through this difficulty.  It was very hard I know not to be able to go to the funeral of her husband’s brother too along with being on the not so well side herself.  May she be blessed in many special ways this Christmas and in all the Christmases to come.
With many prayers,
The Welch Family