Cross #11.9002

Indianapolis, IN

I was given my cross by a co-worker and friend when I was telling her all of the things I was going through:
1. My mother having open-heart surgery 2. Taking personal leave from work (and home) to help Mom transition home from the hospital 3.Experiencing diffuclties with my supervisor at work due to my desire to be with my mother in the midst of a huge project 4. And, what I saw to be lack of support from the hubby because he wanted me to be  available to do some administrative things for his track club.

This was a nice, gentle reminder of what I already knew! Being able to look at this cross daily (I have
it hanging in my office at eye level) reminded me to pray without ceasing.  During these prayers, I asked God to strengthen me and show me what I needed to do differently to change my situation.  (I also prayed that He would touch everyone involved and give them compassion for my situation.)

Within a couple of months, the conversations with my supervisor began to change for the better.  Even more important, Mom was well on her way to recovery.But, I saw more positive changes in me!  God had given me the courage to respectfully voice my opinion and allow for more open communications, not only at home but
on my job. While everything has not been completely worked out, I have peace in knowing that He is guiding my every move and is in control!

I thank God for this ministry as it was a great reminder to let Him do it!  And, He will
work it out for my good!