Cross # 11.9077

Chatham, IL

     I got this cross for my Mom who was diagnosed with cancer in the Spring of this year (2011). Through that challenging, and scary time, I could barely pray myself.  I didn’t know what to ask God for?  I wanted her to be okay, but why should I be exempt from losing my mother, when so many others have suffered and lost theirs?  Was it fair for me to ask God to save MY mother?
    I remember sometimes asking just that He would be with us, and give us strength no matter what lay ahead.
    I remember the groaning within my soul, and the comfort that accompanied it.  I was reminded that when we are in pain, the Holy Spirit knows the groaning of our heart–things that we cannot put into words, and He presents them to God for us. 
    There were a series of miraculous things including getting her into a doctor who specialized in just her kind of cancer–a doctor that was usually difficult to schedule with.  My brother interceded for her, and she had an appointment days.  When we finally were able to sit down with the physician he was quick to tell us that this was a kind cancer that you “live with.”  Emphasis on the words, LIVE WITH! She would need treatment intermittently, and continual monitoring,but he recommended she proceed with life as usual. 
    What a relief and a blessing!  There are no guarantees in life.  We don’t know what challenges tomorrow might bring, but we found out through this experience that it is important to value our family.  We discovered the strength we have when we work together and rely on God to accompany us.  We found out it is important to live today and to be grateful for the many blessings God has bestowed on us.  We learned to remember that, “The trip is the destination,” (James Thurston) and to try to live that way on a daily basis. 
    Mom, I’m glad I get to keep you a little while longer, and it is good to see you living your life and enjoying the ride.  You are a living answered prayer!  I love you.  Donna