Cross # 11.9082

Indianapolis, IN

I assisted with a three-day retreat (A Great Banquet).  During the preparation process, I got to know the director and she heard some of my story.

After the banquet, she presented the cross to me.  She explained it was given to her for her preparation for the banquet and wanted me to have it next!

After I received it, I had a sense that the prayer request that it is to cover is a huge/long battle that I have been inching through.

I graduated with a masters in music composition and have not yet premiered (played for an audience) my master’r thesis (which is a musical composition).  It is an allegory for believers and a whole lot more besides.

I had eight eye surguries since starting my thesis.  Then, have been unemployed for most of the 4 1/2 years since my graduation.

It has been on my heart that I need to turn in 6 corrected copies of my thesis before I go on to produce it (its a tradition and if I do not do it first it is not likely to get done).  The editing process for this 40 minute work has been grueling and like climbing a huge mountain.

Once that is done,I have to prepare 17 parts, and then produce the piece.  The production itself has grown to be a very sizeable undertaking requiring not only my time but also many God-provisions including volunteers, musicians and an audience!

I am looking forward to seeing what the Lord is going to do through, in and because of it all.  I am leaning on Him and am trusting Him for the timing and the results.

My goal is to give this cross to it’s next stop after the premiere performance of my thesis piece.

Thanks so much for this unique encouragement, reminder and source of prayer!