Cross # 11.9116

Trafalgar, IN

I recieved my cross from a friend who passed it on to me after hearing that I had lost my job.  I work for a company that is downsizing and for the 2nd time this year I was told my job had gone away and I was no longer employeed.  All my life I have strived to work hard and perform to success.  It meant something to me to be wanted and useful.  This was devastating to me to lose something I had worked so hard for.  I am in a new marriage and my family is struggling.  One of my children is married, we have our first grandbaby and they are settled and taking care of life just fine.  My other child is struggling despite all his hard work and attempts to do things right and take responsiblity for life.  Losing my job would not be that difficult as I have a wonderful husband who can support me – but not being able to help my child who has his own struggles despite the economy is more than I could bare.  The feeling of no longer being employees as if I am not wanted and had no self worth emotionally devasted me.  I am a person who is happiest when I feel needed.  My biggest struggle in all this was handing it over to God and having faith that he would guide me and lead me to where I needed to be on this path.  I was fearful to trust what he thought would be best…. I wanted to control my life and make happen what I though it should be.  But, all I was doing was failing and creating more struggle, stress and pain.  It took alot of prayer and faith to get me down this road and finally I have found where God wants me.  I have a new job in the same company and I have a wonderful family with God leading me through life – what more could anyone ask for.  Thank you God!