Cross # 11.9199

Appomattox, VA

I was at the Extraordinary Womens Conference in Lynchburg, Virginia this past weekend. (Oct. 8, 2011) A lady came up to me during our lunch break and asked if I would take a picture of her and her Sister. As I had a mouth full of a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich I nodded my head yes. After the picture taking was over she said thank you and we parted ways. A few minutes later she came back and sat down next to me and held this cross in her hand. She explained that she was in Florida and you all gave her several to hand out. I was honored that out of 10,000 women,I was one of the women she chose to share the meaning behind the cross and then she placed it in my hands. As the weekend was already filled with the presence of the Lord I suddenly felt as if the Lord was standing there behind our seats with his arms wrapped so gently around us. This experience of the Conference and this Amazing women who placed this cross in my hand I knew i
t was meant for me to be there at that place and time. I had been sick with a Upper Respiratory Infection during the whole conference but I was not going to let that keep me from being at the conferenece. This was an Amazing weekend.