Cross # 11.9278

Palm Harbor, FL

This was a present from my daughter who suffered a major stroke this past July. she had to undergo a type of surgery that had a 20% chance of her not making it and a chance yhat it would not help but was the only way she could have come 100% back.  That night in the ICU I was holding her hand during my shift in the vigil and I told god that I knew it was usless to bargain with Him but if this was a test no matter the outcome He could not shake my love for Him. I kept repeating the Casting Crowns song I will Praise You in the Storm as I prayed. I had previously sent out prayer requests to monestaries and Marian shrines through contacts on facebook.  As I prayed that night I could feel the power of God running down my arm and hand and into my little girl.  Suffice it to say that the prayers were answered and 6 months later and after much rehabilitation we celebrated the best Christmas ever.  She is almost 100% and has gone back to work and is running with her husband in 5 and 10 K road races. This was the first time I have ever whitnessed a true miracle.  I do usually expect prayers to be answered but this was the first time so much had been asked. I shared this with my daughter and I am sure this is why she bought the cross