Cross 11.9304

Phoenix, AZ

I received my cross today in the mail from a dear and long time close friend that lives in Brownsburg, IN.  She has always been there for me over the years as I have encountered physical health issues with my heart and neurological complications.  In her note to me she said that she had picked this cross just for me (how sweet of her!)  – as a reminder that God is always there for me, holding me in the palm of his hands.  I look forward to learning more about “Answered Prayers Cross, Inc. and plan to share my life challenges on this website.  Just by receiving this cross, I am so encouraged that even though my dear, and special friend lives thousands of miles away from me, she has given me this cross.  My hope is deepening and my faith has grown so much stronger just by receiving this cross.    I will hold it in my hands as I say my daily prayers and keep it on display for all of my friends and family to see.  Thank you very much Kelli!