Cross # 11.9572

Springfield, IL

My family received this cross from a woman whose has wondrously touched our lives, but we have never met. Her name is Marilyn and she is a survivor!!  My 19-year-old son Zach, has been recently diagnosed with cancer.  We are falling apart.  The treatments have begun; I have begged everyone who will listen to please pray for him.  I know that God is hearing us.  Marilyn has been my inspiration and comfort.  Knowing that it is possible for my boy to survive with an even greater strength and faith is what is getting us through all this.  We cherish this beautiful cross with it flaws and will take it on this journey with us. It gives me hope and seeing the mustard seed strengthens me.  I hope to never have to pass it on…it would mean that there’s someone else out there suffering.  But when the time is right, I know that God will help us find the one who needs it most.