Cross #11.9803

Pinellas Park, FL

God be praised for His awesome presence and mercy.

My story started December 3, 2012 when my husband of 35 years passed on to heaven.  It was the start of the most painful and mind-boggling time of my life.  I never knew before the depth of pain that took over my life, the pain of separation and lost hope that consume me.

I received my cross from a delightful, beautiful and holy young lady named Ashley.  The first time we met was just days after my husband passed.  She gave me the cross, smiled at me with such compassion and empathy, and gave me a letter written with much love, wisdom and understanding.  She has a heart of love.

It was the start of a journey that had to continue though I felt like a Siamese twin whose twin had been torn from my body without anesthesia.  All I wanted was to be with my beloved.  Ashley invited me to her bible study; clearly, the life I’d had was over and my new life was just beginning.  Our heavenly Father nudged me gently into relationship with Him and those He sent to grieve with me.  His word was a lamp unto my feet.

Through my cross, Jesus came into my heart and allowed me to glimpse at the depth His love for us, for me; I was humbled.  God is faithful to His Word.  I found this a blessing and sign of His love to share His sorrow over my indifference towards Him.

I didn’t believe I could live through my loss but through His death and resurrection He showed me the way, out of the mire of grief and into new life with Him. Loved and forgiven.