Cross # 11.9903

Clarkesville, Ga

I purchased purchased this little cross at an AACC conference in Tenn. I bought a few crosses that day at the conference. This particular cross was purchase for a future person I did not know. I would wait until I felt like someone needed to be encouraged. I am a 50 year old college student at a Christian College and have a very special Barnabas Group. There are 8 of us in this group. One of the girls is struggling with a relationship and I felt like it was time to start my little cross on it’s journal, so I pass it on today to a sweet sister in Christ who could use some prayer and encouragement.
Bye Bye little cross as you start your journey. It is my prayer that wherever this cross goes that the Lord will touch and strengthen them in Christ. Blessings and wholeness to all that come in contact with this little object of kindness. Don’t be afraid to pass it on! and watch and see what happens and where it ends up!