Cross #11.9961

Decatur GA

My friend Julie Berry sent me this cross.As a gay man, raised in a fundamental Baptist home, I was taught that God hated me. I loved God, but I could never figure out where I stood with him. The conflict was too much to bear and I sought many forms of alternative spirituality.I tried desperately to change. Seven years of therapy, retreats, seminars, healing ceremonies, and nothing inside me ever changed. I concluded that God must not feel the need to change me, even if religion did.

A lifelong journey has shown me that God is love, bottom line. At the end of all my doubt, fear, failure, weakness, and disillusionment, God’s love never failed. I really DO have a place at his table. This newfound freedom allowed me to meet my partner. We’ve been together ten years in March and we’re very active in our church.I asked Julie to find a cross that said GRACE because that is the theme of my life. She found the perfect cross and sent it to me!!!! If there is anyone out there who feels separated from God by things out of their control, Grace is the answer. I’d be happy to talk to anyone about this, if it would help!!!