Cross #11.9985


Plymouth, MI

 My very good friend from childhood and into adulthood, gave me the cross, this past Christmas. I love my cross and said I’d be keeping it.  Of course, that defeats the purpose of paying it forward…sharing the joy of Jesus. 

Recently I’ve encountered a few people and friends who are struggling. Whether its their faith or just the demand in life, I don’t know for sure. However, I’m going to pray and ask re guidance to choose which one to give this beautiful cross to. Perhaps the secret is in the message, ‘Joy.’ Which one needs to find JOY once again? Oh, I know, I know which one to give it to. Thank you Jesus for leading me so quickly to the answer.

Thank you for thie gift of your cross. I’m going to have to buy some. This is a wonderful idea!

God bless you,