Cross 12.1344

Seminole, FL

My mother received this cross from a friend at work. At the time I was living and working out of state. My stepfather (her husband of 25 yrs) had been working for a company where he was not very happy. Her prayer was that he found a better job and that I came home to Florida. Well praise God he found a wonderful job making more money than his previous job and here I am home in Florida with an amazing job with the school district. Now on to my prayer. A childhood friend of mine is struggling with opiate addiction. Many times I thought we would get the call that he was dead. God keeps telling me to fight for this man. The Lord is telling me that he is a good person and that he has plans for my friend that do not include drugs. He will enter a 4-6 month inpatient rehab program in about a week. He has been clean at home for the past two weeks but he needs to do this. I hold my prayer cross every night and pray that God gives this man the strength he needs to overcome his addiction