Cross #12.137


I received my cross through divine connections.  Our today as well as our tomorrow is in the hands of our God.  Thanks God I don’t have to concern myself with that, all I have to do is follow.  I met Elizabeth at the pool in Phoenix on what I considered a retreat from the Lord. I found out we had quite a few common interests: 1} the Love of the Lord 2) our interest in the restoration of Gods people. I have a Ministry in Phoenix AZ not only to women, but to the men of God as well.  The Word said whosoever will let them come.  My heart is to see Gods people restored not only to what you thought you lost, but to know who you really are and what you still possess as a child of the King.  We are never victims we are always the victor, the conqueror, we just need to hear it, believe it and know how to walk in it.  Knowing you are never ever alone. God is with you and so is the host of heaven and all the saints.
Thanks Elizabeth for such a fun time and I look forward to more.  Your Sister in the Kingdom.