Cross # 12.1540

St  Paul, NE
I attended a Diocese Council of Catholic Women in Halsey, NE   where Elizabeth was the Key Note Speaker.  I wanted to purchase a cross   and this one just jumped out at me.  The front of the cross has a heart,   the word Wife, and 3 crosses all made from little holes poked into the cross,   along with a small red heart painted on the cross.  I was a single mother   for over 7 yrs and had a very difficult time with my childs father wanting to   take responsibility for his “role” as father, and especially  being a   husband.  We went thru MANY difficult times but I always tried to let God   handle things because I knew I could not fix it all!  Lots of tears were   shed during this time, loneliness that was quite deep, but always tried to let   God handle things.  Finally, after almost 8 yrs we got married & have   now been married for 21 yrs! God has changed my husbands heart, dispelled   fears, and made us all a family!  The word WIFE on the cross, well, it   is
really the true meaning of Gods   Word!