Cross #12.1615

York, SC

I purchased my cross at a Gift Shop in Gastonia NC.  I was moved to purchase the cross because it had the word “free” stamped on it and the color is red with little stars, moon and flowers on it.  I have been on a journey filled with challenging issues with my children and grandchildren.  Recently, I had a very “freeing” experience that allowed me to let go of their issues and let them take responsibility for their actions.  I have found a new place in their lives – “free” from turmoil and drama. I am now “free” to love them in appropriate ways and I feel like a new person. The cross reminded me of the peace one has when we trust in God’s promises for us.  We are truly “free”. The owner of the shop had attended a workshop and learned about the crosses. She shared the story of the crosses because I was there shopping for supplies our group needed for an event our women’s group is planning. Our embrace women’s group does a retreat day for women in our community who are in recovery from various issues in their lives.  It would be awesome for them to make crosses and pass them on.  Maybe next year we can experience your crosses with our group.  I will be in touch. May you continue to be the hands and feet of Christ, as you touch the lives of those who experience this wonderful ministry.