Cross #12.1683

Amanda Pilcher
Austell, GA

My mother gave my cross to me on 8/29/12.  I was molested when I was 7 until I was 10 years of age.  The person was convicted but there I stood as a young teen convicting myself.  I became addicted to meth and then switched my drug of choice to prescription pain medications.  I had no choice but to choose the drug every time.  I became pregnant and my son passed away when he was 33 days old from a heart disorder.  I was hurt and thought that God had abandoned me.  I went to rehab where I learned that I was filling this God Gaping Hole with Drugs. I had never forgiven.  I learned that forgiving is not condoning what was done to me but to let the grip off the other person’s throat.  The person I had not forgiven was me.  I have taken my grip off of my neck. I am no longer a victim, I am a survivor, and God knows that. God loves me and has forgiven me.  I have three beautiful children now and I sponsor rehab patients.  God was there through it all and would never abandon any of us.