Cross #12.182

Fairfield, TX

My Mom who has always been there for me, gave it to me because I have really been struggling as a Mother, with severe problems in my marriage, with finding my place in life and with finding where God is trying to lead me with my right job.  I will hold this cross near and dear to my heart.  When I was saved 3 years ago, God put the word FAITH up for me to see on the screen so, it has really meant so much to me since then. The  cross my Mom got for me has the words FAITH and STRENGTH on it and
both words really hit  home with me.  I don’t know where this journey I have been on will take me, but I know God and my Mom will be with me every step of the way, especially in the very painful times.  This cross has really reminded me that I am not alone and that even though I am hurting so much and I am so afraid that God knows what I am going through and there is a reason and a purpose for everything happening with me.  Thank you to all the ladies who have started this Cross idea because you are really bringing people so much closer to God and that is the most wonderful thing you can do!  Thank you!  I leave my worries in
the hands of GOD!  Even just seeing this cross and its meaning and purpose have brought me so much strength and faith today!!