Cross #12.1903


This is my story. My sister purchased a beautiful cross for me. Because recently, I had to leave my husband of almost 20 years. Throughout our marriage, and especially towards the last few years, he became different. His mood would change on a daily basis. I pretty much got blamed for everything that went wrong in the household. He became verbally abusive, breaking my personal belongings, and on occasion has raped me. He became demanding with chores and sex. He would get angry when these things did not meet his specifications.T hen one day, he became enraged when he couldn’t find a spare key. He lost his temper so badly with me. He ran after me, talking badly about me in front of our children. He was screaming in the yard in front of the neighbors. That was the last straw for me. I took my children and left. I have not been back nor will I ever go back. No woman should live in fear of her husband. She should not be made to feel so inadequate and unimportant. There is a movie called The Help. It is one of my favorite movies.There is a beautiful song that goes with it called The Living Proof. It has become my internal song for my soul. A man should consider his wife a treasure not like she is a grain of sand under the treasure. But even if you feel like a grain of sand it to, in time, becomes a beautiful pearl.