Cross #12.1933

Hilton Head, SC

In August I attended the NCADV annual conference in Denver, Colorado where these crosses were being displayed.  As I was browsing,  another woman appoached the table and we began to talk.  For some reason we started to share our personal experiences as survivors of domestic violence. My greatest heartache is the fact that I lost custody of my precious son to my abuser.  I had never met another woman who knew this particular pain, but that day I met one.  God blessed me with a friend who knew the road I walked.  The pain , the fear, the sorrow; and becasue of God, the hope.  My new friend bought me this cross that day.  Today  I am passing the cross on to a young woman residing in a battered woman’s shelter, who has also lost custody of her children.  I pray that she finds the hope that I found that day in Colorado.