Cross #12.2011

Chandler, AZ

This cross arrived in the mail with another one for my daughter from a dear friend who had been through a terrifying ordeal with a car accident and the immediate discovery of cancer.  At the time I didn’t understand why I received it and neither did my daughter until much later.

My marriage turned dangerous and my ex-husband more abusive to the point of wanting to poison me to “mellow me out”. He had always been condescending and made me the butt end of his jokes and berated me in front of others but this turn of his more physical threats was my turning point. And there is so much more I lived with and thought since I was a Christian and he was too that I had no way out.  He hurt my cats and next started treating my grandkids too roughly and put them at harms way.  I had no idea at the time I received this cross that I would file for divorce but I did.  I prayed to God constantly to protect me but to also show me what was really happening in my marriage so I could justify leaving him.  I discovered so much of what I had no idea he was doing that I finally had to stop asking God since it was overwhelming.  God was part of my divorce proceedings and part of selling our house for top dollar and the most in the neighborhood and within 2 days with a cash offer!. And He was answering my prayers in dissolving our 13 year marriage in record time that even surprised my attorney.  I hung this cross on my night lamp at my daughter’s house where I hid out for nearly a year.  It was a reminder of what a wonderful God we have and how His personal involvement in my life was what kept me motivated and wanting to live.  Thank you God for all you are and for my wonderful new house and new life on my own.
My daughters cross is in her hands as she deals with her husband’s severe Crohn’s diagnosis and her added responsibilities in raising her two young sons alone.  God has guided her to finish her college online (FREE!) to get her bachelor’s degree and she is pulling straight A’s.
I didn’t register this cross when I got it since I didn’t think I needed it but I could have used the prayer so I am sorry I didn’t.  I will be giving it to another dear friend this weekend who is dealing with a botched surgery that has left her leg challenged and she will be seeking another surgery to correct it.
Thank you for this awesome program!