Cross #12.2107

Riverview, FL

When my husband passed away Jan 1,2007 he left me penniless and I have been struggling ever since.I no sooner got my house out of foreclosure when I am a month late again( actually only 3/4 of a month late since I am trying to get caught up). Most of the time I have to borrow from my sons by the end of the month so my utilities are not turned off.I have been looking for work but haven’t found anything since November of last year. I am trying to discern what God wants me to do. My mother ,who is 90, can use my help but if I get a job I won’t be able to help her.  I am wondering if God is keeping me from getting a job so I can be there to take care of her but I won’t be able to go on without additional income to my SSI. I got the idea that I get paid as her caregiver( which does bother me since I feel I should take care of her without being paid). I told my sister and two brothers I want to have a meeting to discuss this matter. I am not sure how it will go but I have a feeling my sister will be against it. I need prayers that whatever is Gods will that it will be for the best for my mother as well as me able to provide for my family.