Cross #12.2173

Valrico, FL
I had been going to an aerobics class for many years, but as my health declined from Lyme Disease I struggled more and more until I could no longer attend. It became too much and doing just one class of what I used to do easily would knock me out for several days. The instructor’s mother also attended this class. We became friends and a few of us would get together for birthday dinners. One day she asked me to meet her at Starbucks, but I had no idea why. She had the cross for me. I have kept it by my bed for over a year. While I feel I will always need it, I feel compelled to pass it on. Several have come to mind, but lately it feels more strongly and urgently that I give it back to her as she has recently been given another diagnosis of cancer. I guess that’s why I hadn’t passed it on yet–I was unknowingly saving it for her.