Cross #12.2335

South Pasadena, FL

I had chronic back pain.  I was unable to walk.  I could move only with the assistance of a walker.  I could do one thing a day and then had to spend the rest of the day in bed.  I was living alone in a house, which not only isolated me, but also that I could not take care of.  I needed to move.  My church family packed me, moved me, and unpacked me.  When I was unable to stand to prepare meals, they brought me meals,  The called, visited me, and sent me notes of love.  I had pastoral visits and a Stephen’s Minister.  They took me to countless hospital procedures and one gentleman took me to doctor appointments 3 times a week for months.  But the most important thing they did was to pray.
After changing doctors and having a new procedure, I am able to walk without assistance and without pain.  I am thankful to everyone for their prayers.
I received my cross by  one of my church family.  It was at a party held in my honor by those who helped me for 3 years.