Cross #12.2436

 Clearwater, FL

 I received this cross in the strangest of encounters.  I was introduced to Elizabeth the founder of APC by my ex-husbands wife! Interesting how God crosses people’s paths in the most unlikely places.  After reading a few stories on this website I am just so blessed to start another “journey of the cross”. I started thinking about how I came to have the cross in my possession.  God lined up a chance meeting with my ex-husband’s wife, so that she and I could connect and I could learn about APC.  The cross reminded me of the divine appointments that have shaped my life up to now.  It also brought to mind the healing and restoration that took place on both sides of my divorce and how God brought both of us through to the places he would have us to be.  I know that I am more in line with God’s purpose for me than I ever could have imagined.  The path to here was a blessing! So thank you for blessing me with this cross and I look forward to blessing someone else. 
I am excited to pass the cross along and see what God does next.