Cross #12.2451

Wilmington, DE

I received my cross from Elizabeth at the AACC Conference in Branson, MO in September 2012.  I was looking at the crosses and chatting with Elizabeth, who is amazing!  She asked me questions and I ended up sharing my story with her.  I am 33 years old and became ill out of nowhere when I was 24.  I am unable to digest food and my colon shuts down from time to time.  I have been fighting for almost 10 years to get help and healing.  I am a licensed counselor and had to leave work 2 years ago because I was too sick to work and had a feeding tube.  I spent most of my time in the hospital, but having to leave work was the most traumatic event for me.  I feel worthless and felt like giving up on life completely!  Elizabeth shared her story with me and gave me one of the crosses.  Listening to her story and her message gave me great hope!  Although I still struggle with finding hope, I look at my cross every day and remember that God loves me and I can hold on to hope.  After the conference, I finally found a specialist who is willing to work with me no matter how difficult my condition.  I have been searching for years for a specialist who would not give up on me because the symptoms were tough to deal with.  This cross gave me the hope to try to find someone to help me again!  Running into Elizabeth was like a gift from God, and I can’t thank her enough for listening and passing this beautiful cross on to me.  My whole family is struggling with my illness and it has put us in great debt and turmoil.  I bought a cross for my mother who had been angry with God and she was in tears.  I shared why I chose her cross and she has returned to the Church.  She is an Angel on Earth and I hope she will register her cross soon.  Also, I purchased one for my sister who has never left my side, as well.  She said it is the best gift she has ever received and sleeps with it next to her bed.  She has had a tough journey and I hope she registers her cross and shares how her cross has changed her life, too.  I keep my cross where I can see it and when I am down it reminds me that hope is everywhere and I turn to God who gives me strength to keep fighting!  I look forward to the day that I will be able to pass my cross on and make a difference in someone’s life like Elizabeth did for me.  May God Bless you all!